Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Only to Chrissan

How are you?,
I´m happy because you have read my blog. I had a look at your blog and I surprised to me when I saw a new way of communication in your blog: an audio post, could you explain to me how you did it?, it is very interesting to practice my listening and speaking.
Could you send an audio post to me?, you can to speak about you or about any other thing.
(The picture is in London, in Buckingham palace, this summer).


Thursday, November 10, 2005

New Holidays

Hello everybody, how do you do?
A few days ago we celebrated a special day, well is better to say special nigth: Halloween.
I want to do a reflection about these new holidays, and I say new because they haven´t been celebrated in Spain until a few years ago therefore they are considered new holidays to me.
Holidays like St. Patrick´s day and Halloween are more and more celebrated every year, I was speaking about this with my friends and each one thought a different thing but in special one of them thought that we had not to celebrate these holidays because they weren´t related to us, they belong other culture.
What do you think about this?
From my point of view I know one thing only, a holiday is a holiday and to do a party never need us a reason.
A kiss, Mónica.

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

I´m here again!!

Hello everybody!!
I want to continue with this fantastic blog we began a few months ago!!
This is a new school year, our teacher Maria isn´t with us but from here I encourage to everybody to write in our blogs...
A kiss,

Friday, May 27, 2005

Can an exam change your life?

Hi people!, What about your things?
Yes, I know, this is a difficult month, we have a lot of exams and we are very busy.
I want to do a reflection about this,
"Can an exam change your life?".
Of course, there are different kinds of exams, for example, most of our did the selectividad exam, well that was a stressful exam in which if you get a good mark you can choose between a great number of degrees but if your mark is not good....
Imagine that mark is bad and you want to be, I don't know, for example a doctor, an engineer and go on... and you can't be it because your mark isn't enough... can an exam change your life?
Soon we'll do the competitive exam for the position of teacher, in this exam if you get an excellent marks you can work, also you can work near of your home, if your marks are good only, you can work but you'll be in other place, some village or small town but if your marks are not good... know...can an exam change your life?
But now we have the exams in our degree and they are very important too, to put a subject off for another year can mean to work later....
An exam can change people's life, yes, I agree that!!
Luck with your exams!!

Friday, May 13, 2005

Use of internet

Imagine a foro in which a group of mate of your, English teachers, are members.....
One of them is from Italy, other from Brazil, other from Toledo, other from Tarragona, and go on...
Imagine to exchange experiences, anecdotes, resources, didactic units...
That is possible with a foro!!!
Making use of internet is a great advantage nowadays and we have to use it but this advantage is not to teachers only...
Now imagine a foro in which a group of pupils of your are members, they can exchange doubts, they can help its other, they can do a lot of things to improve their English.

Psychologists and other experts tell us young people make excessive use of internet but,we are in a new age and we have to take advantage this!!
Motivate to your pupils to make a good use of internet!!

Monday, May 09, 2005

Features of a good English teacher

Before of being a good English teacher you have to be a good teacher.
A teacher, especially a teacher who teach in Primary School, is a model to his pupils, he doesn't teach knowledges only, I think his main function is pass on good values and found a good base to child's future.
A good English teacher in Primary School is that who motivates his pupils to study English, he does them enjoy learning.
A language can´t be learned in class of 4 or 5 hours by week, pupils have to work in their houses and we have to show how.
A good English teacher show its pupils different ways to learn themselves, he have to teach them plays, interasting english books, movies, chats in internet and go on, and with this material he has to show them what the world will be very little if they know the English language.

Thursday, May 05, 2005

Dear Jesús,

You ask me what is my opinion about the exchanges between teachers, I´m not very sure about what you want to tell me.
Well, my idea is that a good school must to have one English teachers, "made home", and a support native teacher to teach a foreign language
When you tell me about exchange between teacher I think that is all rigth, but it is all rigth for teachers, they are who live the experience.
In fact, I don't know what is exactly a exchanges of teachers, please tell me about this and them we can deal in the theme.
Thank you for reading my blog!!